May I have a CRM Demo Please?

Demo of CRM
CRM success begins with a strategy that incorporates CRM into the process and culture of your organization

CRM vendors receive calls every day from organizations looking for a demo of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software package.  Those asking for the demo believe CRM is something you can purchase.  However, CRM is not available for sale on a shelf, because it is not just software.  It’s a strategy, a philosophy, a way of doing business.

CRM Software is a tool that can be used to help organizations manage the relationships with their customers.  Software also can help people within an organization to be more productive and better informed as to their customer’s historic purchase patterns, future needs, and overall strength.  Finally, software can alert of instances requiring attention, automate processes, and automate communications related to processes.  However, this all happens within the boundaries of an organization’s customer-centric business strategy, and is accelerated (or limited) by how well the software is integrated into the process and culture of your organization.

Coming soon on this site you will find videos that will help with CRM transition, increasing CRM utilization, and incorporating CRM into the culture of your organization.

Until the videos are complete, please feel free to share your CRM questions and thoughts.


One thought on “May I have a CRM Demo Please?”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I have seen some very successful CRM implementation failures. What I mean is the goal was to implement software, and the company accomplish the goal. However the need was to better understand their customers. Since CRM was not integrated into the company’s process and culture, all the users had was “another thing to do” and the result was not optimal.

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